What The Heck is the No Poo Method?!


Can you imagine yourself going without shampooing your hair – for months? There is a new movement and method going by the name of “no-poo”.  Women (and some men) are putting their foot down and going on strike from using shampoos with harsh chemicals and parabens. Many are actually whipping up a  concoction of vinegar and baking soda to clean their hair! I did some research and have gotten down to the basics of what this new health trend is all about:


Why go no poo? Problems from shampoo:

– Chemicals  in shampoo can irritate scalp and dry out hair.

– Shampoo can strip our natural oils which will increase sebum production over time that will make hair oilier than it needs to be.

– Many shampoos contain silicone, which coats the hair, and overtime can dry the hair out.

Why adopt the no poo method:

– Decreasing the amount we shampoo  will cause our tresses to go back to an ideal state of sebum production. This will in turn decrease the amount of excess oil we will experience.

– Any way we can keep our self care routine as natural as possible will do our body good. There is already chemicals from makeup, body products, cleaning products, and just plain old air pollutants that gets into our system.

How long will it take for no poo method to take effect?

Some say between 2-6 weeks. This may seem like an extremely long time for some!! It looks like a lot of us will be wearing ponytails for many consecutive days to come.


Don’t believe me? Here’s some pro’s who are sharing their experience:


Photo Source: minimalistbeauty.com


Minimalist Beauty has a whole category dedicated to the no-poo method, and by golly she’s got some tricks and tips that makes me never want to touch a shampoo bottle again!



Photo Source: Living In Another Language


Amanda of Living Another Language shows you how it’s done with her remedy to clean and healthy hair.



Photo Source: Love Yourself Naturally


Sami of Love Yourself Naturally goes into a detailed explanation of the no poo method, all the amazing benefits your hair gets from this natural care and an extremely helpful guide to go along with it!


I think I will give this method a go, if I ever get a chance, and will let you know if it has worked for me or not. Until then, read up on these natural ways to keep your hair healthy!

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