The Art Of Feng Shui

Don’t you love it when you rearrange a space in your home and you feel renewed and centered?  Sometimes I feel  more energized when I have redone the layout of a room. This art, known as Feng Shui, is utilized to  create great spaces to give off a warm, welcoming vibe.  Feng Shui, (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese art of transforming your environment into positive Qi (pronounced chee).   Qi encompasses ALL energy. So it is never destroyed, but it does change. There is good energy and bad energy.  Good energy makes us happy, healthy and content.
The idea behind Feng Shui is to rid our environment of dark, cold and heavy Qi, and replace it with bright, warm and light Qi.
There are basic preparations to be aware of before you embark on following the philosophy of Feng Shui, and I am excited to share with you the research I’ve done on Feng Shui  thus far!
Clear Your Clutter and Clean Up!

Clutter does not exist in the Feng Shui environment!  Clutter is heavy and stagnant, and especially dusty if it’s been accumulating for a long period of time.  So clean up and clear out your living areas.  Start with one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Throw out old magazines and newspapers; clear the cobwebs from the corners; get rid of the stale, moldy food in the fridge.  Wash the windows & curtains; make those light fixtures shine!    Do you love it? Then keep it.  Do you hate it? Then get rid of it.   Clear any junk that blocks doorways and your entryway. The idea is to keep the flow of energy moving.
If It’s Broken, Fix It Or Throw It Out!

As you work on each area, make a list of all the things that are broken and need repair.  Broken lamps, coffee makers, printers; broken tables, chairs, planters/stands, missing handles, chipped and broken utensils, missing lightbulbs.  You get the idea.  Use common sense and your instincts to decide whether you will fix it, want it or throw it out!   
Leaky faucets and toilet tanks are especially important to get fixed as “water” is very prominent in Feng Shui, since it is believed that water is directly related to wealth.   


Be Aware of the 5 Elements
Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal are the five elements that are the essence of Feng Shui.  Each element is represented by specific colors.  Some examples would be green for wood, red for fire, blue for water, brown for earth and silver for metal.
A plant would be considered a “wood element”,  candles for the “fire element” and so on.

The Chinese believe that everything that makes up our world encompasses these 5 elements.  The idea is to energize your living space by using these in combination.  If the room doesn’t feel quite right, then try balancing the elements to make it feel harmonious and pulled together.  When you know the right balance and placement, then you are on your way to successfully practicing the art of Feng Shui.  The goal is to create a calm, uplifting environment for your mind, body and spirit.
Coming Next Week – My Interview With A Feng Shui Expert!

I’ve only touched the surface on how Feng Shui can revitalize your home and your life!   In the near future, I’ll have the pleasure of interviewing a Feng Shui expert who will go into so much more detail.    Stay tuned!

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