Finding Balance Through Reflexology: Sarah Preusker


BB: How do you maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle?

 I like to go for a short run outside as many days as possible, no matter the weather.
The fresh air & exercise keeps me balanced. Also, when possible, I will stop during my
run, take off my socks and shoes, touch the earth & enjoy the positive benefits it has to
offer. I take hot baths with himalayan or epsom salts and lots of essential oils. I like to
receive any form of bodywork, facial, etc. weekly. I love to give and I love to receive!
Over the last few years I taught myself how to eliminate chemicals and preservatives
from the food I eat and it feels great! Also, I recently discovered a big difference in my
energy and overall health by getting enough protein for me. And I must admit,
occasional marathon TV plays a positive role in rest and relaxation for me, keeps me
out of my office, and  it’s when I stretch and do reflexology on myself… and yes, I have
seen all of House of Cards.

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