Inside The Life of a Professional Ballerina: Abigail Simon

Photo Source: Ksenia Poulber


 What is life like for a professional ballerina? Traveling the world, performing on stage for hundreds of people, expressing your soul through movement and being perfectly in tune with your body is just a sliver of what it takes to being internationally recognized as a dancer.  I have a special guest that will give you an idea of what it takes to make it in this intense industry, and the passion behind it.

Abigail Simon, professional ballerina of over 10 years, is visiting Balanced Babe to give us a modest insider view of what life if like, and how she maintains balance throughout her busy and thrilling career. She has trained at The School of American Ballet, performed and  danced professionally at top companies such as The American Ballet Theatre and The Joffrey Ballet, and has just returned from a European tour performing an intoxicating scene from Romeo and Juliet.  You may also get a chance to see her perform as the principal ballerina opposite RenĂ©e Fleming in this October’s Capriccio at the lyric Opera.  Please meet, Abigail:

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