Inside The Life of a Professional Ballerina: Abigail Simon


   BB: How old were you when you started dancing?

I was three when I started creative movement in LA at Westside Ballet Academy. When I was nine, my family moved to NYC where they enrolled me in a dance program at Ballet Hispanico. Two years later I was accepted into The School of American Ballet where things began to get serious. I ended up training at The

School of American Ballet for 10 years and was given the opportunity to perform many roles that George Balanchine had created for kids with the New York City Ballet. It gave me a taste of what the life would be like for a professional. Late evenings, lots of rehearsal and an extreme amount of discipline. The number of hours I was putting in Ballet made it very difficult for me to continue in a regular academic school so, my parents enrolled me in a professional children’s school for several years, and then I was  homeschooled for the remainder. I quickly learned how much sacrifice it takes to become an exceptional artist.

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