Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream


Whenever I crave something sweet I make this special ice cream recipe that is %100 vegan, %100 healthy, and %100 amazing.

This ice cream recipe is only THREE ingredients, and totally dairy free, can you believe it?! It is so simple I can’t even stand it. I always prefer to make my own sweets and desserts because they are half the calories, half the sugar, and half the unpleasant processed chemicals and junk that is in packaged cookies, candy bars, syrups etc.

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Guess what makes up this delicious home made ice cream? Bananas, Almond Milk, and raw cacao powder. That’s it!

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Now that you know the secret base to dairy free and vegan ice cream, the possibilities and flavors are endless! Do you have your own vegan ice cream recipes or have your own base you use for dairy free ice cream recipes?


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