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I am so beyond thrilled that the wellness industry is growing and growing as the years go on. Last year trends like wellness travel, matcha and yoga inspired street wear took over, and this year there’s even more of a movement towards incorporating more healthy living elements into our day to day lives. 

My recent segment on WCIU You & Me This Morning highlighted just a few of these 2017 wellness trends and I’ll break them down plus discuss a few more in today’s article! 



2017 Wellness Trends:

1: Drinkable collagen – If you are “balanced” then you know that eventually we age, so here’s an option for the beginning of number one: We all want to have youthful wrinkle-free skin, and collagen is a major player that helps support the youthful appearance of our skin. Collagen is a protein that is found in abundance in our bodies and has many different functions within our system. For beauty purposes, it helps repair and grow our connective tissues, joints and ligaments, and is what helps our skin stay elastic and “saggy” free. Once we get into our mid twenties, our collagen production starts to slow down, so we have to look at outside sources to ensure that we are still producing enough to maintain a wrinkle-free face! 

SO instead of shooting ourselves up with fillers and injectibles, folks are turning to “drinkable beauty” products one of them being liquid collagen. People are sipping on collagen products now because by consuming this protein, we are flooding our body with skin boosting amino acids and make them more available for our cells to use to produce collagen from the inside out. So not only are these products good for our skin, but we are providing our bodies with amino acids to help maintain healthy joints, muscles, bones and more. Collagen is also found naturally in bovine sources so if you’re a meat eater – bone broth is an outstanding source of natural collagen. If you are plant-based, eating a diet high in fruits and veggies especially vitamin C, can help stimulate collagen production in our cells as well. Long story short, collagen producing products and recipes will be buzzin’ a bunch in 2017!

2: Cannabis food and beauty products – Medicinal and recreational marijuana is starting to become legal in some states, which may be inspiring a whole slew of new products hitting the market using different extracts of the marijuana plant. Now to be clear, all of the products hitting the market in 2017 using cannabis will NOT be infused with the active ingredient in weed (THC) that get’s the party started in your head, but another extract called CBD. CBD in no way has a psychedelic effect on those who consume it, but studies show that it can help calm you down, ease anxiety, slightly lift your mood and more.

When applied topically, studies have shown that it can actually decrease the function of the oil glands in our skin that cause acne, so you may be seeing anti blemish ointments using CBD oil in it. Additional sources say that CBD oil can reduce pain and lower inflammation when applied topically, so there will also be pain ointments hitting the shelves in 2017 as well. 

3: Medicinal mushrooms going mainstream – I’m not talking about white button mushrooms that you can find at the produce aisle, exotic mushrooms hailing from overseas are now making their way into all sorts of products. The three mushrooms you need to know about are chaga, reishi and cordyceps. Health enthusiasts have been incorporating mushrooms into their diet for years and years, but now with special marketing they are now the “hippest” super food being included in smoothies and tonics in health food stores across the states. 

Why are they touted as the newest super food? Because of their nutritional content of course. These types of mushrooms (especially chaga) contain biological response modifier (BRM) compounds in them that help support your immune system and boost it when necessary, but also slows it down when it becomes overactive. So it helps regulate your system to ensure you’re running in tip top shape. 

4: The sober social movement will be taking over – More and more people (especially millenials), are sick and tired of going to bars. We don’t have time for hangovers any more! So now there is a new subculture of individuals who want to party and rave without the alcohol (and drugs!). Because of this new interest, companies and event series are popping up in all major cities. One of the first event series to support this new trend is Daybreaker – a party that starts at 5am before work. We’re talking a house DJ, glitter, dancing, strobe lights – the whole nine yards. Coffee is served instead of vodka – holler! 

My opinion on this? Men of the world, if you read this article – these types of events and social gatherings are LANDMINES for women who are sick and tired of meeting dudes in bars. The ladies who participate in these types of social gatherings obviously care about their health and well-being. 

5: Mezcal as the “newest” booze for the health conscious – For those of you that still like to imbibe in a little bit of drinking here and there, mezcal is the latest and greatest liquor to sip on. Supposedly it helps with digestion because it is fermented, and because it comes from the agave plant (vs. potatoes or a starch), it’s more easily metabolized in our body so that we don’t have horrid hangovers the next day. So cheers!

Know of any other wellness trends? Share with us in the comments below!

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