Living Holistically 101 with Kelly O’Brien



BB: How do you maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle?
The balanced babe lifestyle has always come easily to me my entire life. I am a naturally
organized person combined with having a real appreciation for the simple things so, my first
priorities have always been God, quality relationships with those that I love, taking care of my
body by being kind to it no matter what I am going through and finally, working to live vs. living to work. I found early on that when my ‘pyramid’ of what is important to me was prioritized with
quality of life ‘first’, the rest fell in line. So, I spend a lot of quality time with my loved ones,
exercise daily even if that means taking my pup for a long walk, eat as healthy while indulging a
bit too and making certain that the work that I do, I love – which I do

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