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BB: Snapshots of Wellness is your newest creation, tell us more! 

Snapshots of Wellness really came to life after a life altering heath crisis in 2010. I had received
a flu vaccine early in January that year and within 72 hours, my life had completely flipped over.
Everything that I knew & loved came to a crash landing. It was traumatic and shocking. I went
from being an active healthy runner, Medical Sales representative for a highly reputable
corporation for 14 years, traveling at my leisure across the country and living what I considered
to be a dreamy life to not being able to walk down the hall of my condo building. I was in my late
thirties and the life I knew just stopped. The first year of my collapsing after the vaccine, I spent
the majority of my time in and out of hospitals – often with it being a challenge to hold up my head,
fainting if I walked a couple of blocks and simply not being able to function well. I got used to life in
a hospital bed and so, I started a blog called ‘Girl Gone Veg’. I always loved to write and I had a
lot of time on my hands to think about how I would live my life moving forward. I have always had
a huge heart for animal welfare and after watching Earthlings, I started eating primarily plant
based. I also dove head first into holistic health and I started to make a come back! Mayo Clinic
diagnosed me with a rare health condition called POTS Syndrome and I decided that I would not
let that deter me. I began to blog about my diet, struggles and road back to wellness through
holistic & integrative medicine. My audience began to grow rapidly and that motivated me to keep

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