SELF SOUL CENTER: Movement Therapy, Manifestation, and Finding your Center

yahya1Photo Source: Taran Nadler

Greetings of Peace!  I am Suzanna Yahya Nadler and I work, live, dance, meditate and grow our food at the Self & Soul Center located in a small town in Southern Oregon. My husband, son and I moved to this beautiful creekside 22 acres in 1990 and have slowly remodeled and built  to sustain our growing practices in psychotherapy and movement therapy.  As I have deepened into my relationship with the land and become a serious gardener, the Center produces much of the food we eat, nourishing our bodies. The Self & Soul Center is a place of beauty and vitality imbued with the elemental forces of the land.  The Center’s gardens provide a healing container to support the unfoldment of each person’s unique gifts in relationship to the world.   

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