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Do you ever find yourself wandering around the aisles of the vitamin section trying to figure out what the heck to take? Me too. That’s why I’m having two Doctors who have created a personalized vitamin line, Vous Vitamin, on our integrative health panel at the 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat! 

Please meet Dr’s. Arielle Levitan and Romy Block, co-founders of Vous Vitamin and experts in their field. In this weeks webinar we discuss what type of vitamins are best for women to take, if healthy eaters still need supplements, and more. Read below to see the written version! 

BB: What should people consider when trying to figure out what supplements or vitamins to take?

Everyone has diff needs depending on who they are. Diet, lifestyle, and health concerns are all different or everyone so we shouldn’t all use the same amount of any given supplement!

BB: Do women who eat healthy and live active lives still need to take supplements? 

Often times what we found in the pursuit of healthiness is that they are still falling short of certain vitamins. Part of it has to do with the fact that produce is currently coming from soil that may lacking minerals, so fruits and veggies are not the same as they once were . There are not the same nutrients in produce which means even though you may be eating healthy, you are not getting all of the vitamins you think you are.

Another factor is that with the pursuit of specific dietary lifestyles you could be missing out on specific vitamins and minerals. For example eating less red mean can lead to iron deficiencies. So for women who don’t eat red meat, they may need to think about taking an iron supplements. Also women who are cutting back on table salt and processed foods are losing iodine. A lot of us are falling short of iodine which we need  to support our thyroid system and  to support our metabolism. Finding right amount to take is really important. 


BB: What are common nutrients needed by women?

Some common vitamins our patients need is Vitamin D. This is very important especially if you live in a colder climate like the Midwest. It’s important for women to help with bone strength, regulate mood, improve energy and increase hair growth. A common complaint is thinning hair from female clients. We often find a lot of this is due to vitamin deficiencies; lack of iron, biotin, and Vitamin D! Other useful minerals and vitamins are calcium in varied amounts (depending on diets), magnesium and b vitamins which are helpful for energy. Maintaining a balance with supplements you take is extremely important though!


BB: Is it possible for women to have too much of one specific vitamin?

Yes!  Too much vitamin D can lead to constipation or feeling tired, so you have to make sure you have a balance. This is one of the reasons why we started Vous Vitamin. We were seeing that sometimes people are overdoing it and not using vitamins properly and safely.


With that being said, find out more on how to improve your health with supplements and more by attending their panel (first of the day!) at the BeHealthful Retreat coming up this September – yippie! In the mean time, visit them at and check out their new book: The Vitamin Solution

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