Being A Balanced Babe (Part 1): Leah Chavie


You are such an inspiration for women that want to follow their dreams! Now on to beauty talk, What are some services or products that you just can’t get enough of?

Leah: While I was working trade shows for Jane, I discovered the silk peel (which is above  and beyond Microdermabrasion). It infuses serum into the skin so it treats  and builds up your skin instead of breaking it down.  We also sell a lot of products that exfoliate without the irritation.  We have so many organic ingredients! We carry:  Intelligence Nutrients which was made by Aveda’s  founder. That whole line is 100% organic. You can really just eat that whole line! The founder’s  philosophy is amazing! He healed his own cancer through holistic care and  homeopathy. We also have a DNA repair line out of Paris which is vegan, preservative free and chemical free called Repachage.  It’s a seaweed and marine based product line which is  great for hydration. Then we have my line, Leah Chavie (only sold at her two locations), which is a  pharmaceutical grade line. It has more of a natural retinol in it. We have a  lavender cleanser, and a gentle cell acidic product, but only 2 percent! We also just brought Circ-cell in.  We are the only spa besides the Four Seasons which also carries it.   They have a blood serum that is  basically like putting oxygen in your skin. It brings the skin vitality and builds density. 

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