Being A Balanced Babe (Part 1): Leah Chavie


Feng Shui? Ooh tell me more! I love incorporating Fung Shui into my life; energy flow in spaces, and positive vibes!

Leah: Oh! Well we are definitely all about that! I will sage right now for you ( *Lights up sage as she explains her Feng Shui process – and yes it smells quite nice*)! I went to Sedona, Arizona and brought back sage from there, so we clear the energy here  all the time. We also have aura cleansing sprays – actually – did you know that you are supposed to spray your car because your car takes on so much negative energy from road kill and car accidents?! Many people don’t know that!

Anyway, we had both locations blessed: We have a river rock from Billie Topa Tate that was blessed with a ceremony. We did that four years ago which maintains the positive energy.  She also gave us a prosperity plant.  I am always reminding everyone to water it, because it just can’t die!  There was a sense of negative energy in the first location (the skin boutique) so in order for the customer to have a pleasant experience we needed the energy to be positive. Our tables, rugs, and chairs are also circular to keep the movement of energy flowing. 

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