Being A Balanced Babe (Part 1): Leah Chavie

What is HGH exactly?

Leah: It’s basically bio-identical hormones that mimic your own bodies hormones. I like to think of them as the fountain of youth. They help with muscle pain, joint pain, aches, sex drive, everything you can think of. This is especially good when you age and your body starts to deplete itself of hormones. If you give your body back the hormones that it has lost, then it is kind of like your body is reverting back.  Suzanne Sommmers “Sexy Forever” is all about that. She is totally about homeopathy.  She cured her own cancer and she swears by the bio-identical shots. Some doctors don’t understand why people use HGH, because they are so focused on medicine. So  you will need an open mind to understand the benefits of HGH and have a different philosophy on holistic health,  but once you do understand it, it’s like “Hello, totally makes sense!”  I also do B12 shots once a week, and  that for me has helped my mood, especially in this weather.  I take my vitamin D pills and all that good stuff. I think anything you can do to help your body be in harmony and to balance your hormones will be to your benefit. Once you can achieve this,  the rest will just come together.

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