Being A Balanced Babe (Part 1): Leah Chavie


What was your game plan once you arrived in Chicago?

Leah: When I first came here, I started working at Salon Duo for about two years, but my goal was to own my own spa. I was so focused on Jane Iredale and building my brand at Salon Duo when I first moved to Chicago,  that I sort of built three different businesses, if you will.  Ultimately, I still wanted my own space where I had peace and clear positive energy, so when I decided to do that, I took action! This is what led to the opening of my first location four years ago.  I found the space and equipment, got my business license, and got moving to start Leah Chavie Skincare! I was so excited about my first boutique; I got everything painted, Feng Shui’d, blessed and cleared all the energy!

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