Being A Balanced Babe (Part 1): Leah Chavie

Leah and her fabulous General Manager, Regi.


I need to know your journey! How did you get to this point in life?

Leah: Ok, I am going to give my whole shpeel here! I got started in the beauty industry about twenty years ago working the front desk of a salon in Minnesota. I got bumped up to a managerial position three years later and it took off from there. I attended Oliver Thein Beauty School for some time, but quit because perming was not my thing. When I quit beauty school for hair, I joined the team at the first salon and I trained all front desk employees and placed them in the salon’s nine different locations. I took that time to mold myself as well by taking etiquette and voice inflection courses.  From there I started working as  a freelance makeup artist, and went  to  study esthetics  and massage.

So it seems as you have experience in all realms of the beauty industry! What was working as a makeup artist like?

Leah: I worked for Mac and Nordstroms, freelanced for Chanel, and did makeup for pageants. I also did the makeup for the Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleaders, which was so much fun! I also started freelancing for Jane Iredale  mineral cosmetics which included a lot of  teaching and educating.  I jumped in an learned everything I could through Jane and worked  trade shows for them which is what also helped me branch out with other companies as well. Working for Jane  is actually what brought me to Chicago. 

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